Free IRS Return Tax Dispute Assessments

What is your tax dispute?

Many of our clients have received notices of audit or collections on their IRS income tax return. This might include notices of intent to levy.
Many are getting phone calls and even wage garnishments. Others may even have money removed from their accounts. Some have tried to respond to the notices themselves others have even tried to represent themselves in an audit. This is also true for those have disputes involving their S-corporation, C-corporation or Partnership.

Bad Results Maybe Permanent

This is very serious because the results of an audit or collection action are often permanent and irreversible. We can sit down with you for a half hour free consultation to assess your needs.

How Large Firms Handle You

Many tax dispute firms will give lip service to your specific facts and listen long enough to ask you for a large retainer. Following the retainer you are given a stack of paper to do 90% of the work yourself.
If you fail to do their work for them and fill out all the paperwork, they simply keep your retainer. Often you are left trying to do a compilation or financial reports on your own. In some instances you may have to hire a separate bookkeeper to help you. In the end many of our clients have come back to us after having written a large retainer only to pay a lower fee to us and have us walk them through the process including completing the paperwork.

Dispute Services

If you just received an audit notice from the IRS, It is likely you can’t take time off from your business/work to meet the IRS auditor or gather the needed information. You will be under pressure from the IRS auditor and they will heap large amounts of information document requests (IDR’s) on you.
Often many are not necessary and often the list is abusive. It is not uncommon that you may present your information wrong giving the auditor an advantage. Our job is to help you gather and present your information in a way that conforms to IRS standards, stop excessive document requests, and allow you to continue with your life while we are progressing through the process in a controlled way.

Delinquent Personal Tax return

If you have not filed one or more year’s tax returns you may be getting notices requesting the returns. The IRS may have even made a return up for you. If you keep putting off the preparation of the return penalties will rack up and another year will be upon you. You know you need to be current on all tax filings with the government to even talk to them about any settlement.
Don’t wait for the IRS to garnish your wages, or file a return for you. They will assume all money received is income and disallow all deductions. Obviously the result is extreme. We can prepare returns from years back. We can even file returns with partial estimates and disclose this to the IRS. The objective is to get you back on track and reflect the proper tax. Not an IRS fabrication.

Installment Agreement

You may have filed your return on the date it was due but do not have the financial resources to pay the amount of tax due. It does not take long for the IRS to get after you. Often you have options to manage the amounts you legitimately owe to the IRS.
If those options are not used the IRS or state agencies will simply move forward with collecting from any asset you own. There are specific rules on how to prepare and submit an installment agreement we can help you through that process.

Payroll taxes

Failure to pay payroll taxes is viewed as the worst sin by the IRS since these are your employees’ payroll withholding. If you have not remitted payroll taxes nor filed any of the payroll forms, don’t approach the IRS on your own. The IRS is very aggressive on payroll taxes because they view those as their money at the time you paid the payroll. You are viewed as literally stealing their money. How you handle the IRS’ can determine the viability of your business going forward.

Contact us for help

In each of the situations above, you only have to contact us to get help. There is a contact us button on this page you can use to reach us. We are happy to provide you with a free 30 minute face to face or phone meeting to assess the next steps for you. We are hands on firm and often we gather information and prepare documents other firms will push back on you.
Ultimately our interest in you is long term. Our hope is to be your tax professional after these problems are solved.