FAQ – Tax Prep

What Returns Do You Prepare?

We prepare individual, C-corporations, s-corporations, partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Trusts, Gift Returns, Foundations and payroll.

How much do you charge?

The best thing to do is to call to get a quote. That said, most of our returns are quoted prior to preparation with new clients. Our fees are based on a fixed fee schedule. In our library from the main menu you can look at the individual and business entity fixed fee schedules. Some clients do not lend themselves to these fixed fee schedules in which case we make that understanding clear up front. Most clients.

Do we need to meet you to get our taxes done?

We serve clients all over the country. Many I have met in person but in many cases I may not have seen them for many years. We work with many other clients who we have never met. A meeting is always welcomed. With everyone’s busy lives, we find many clients prefer to work through email, scans and phone. We often review work with an online meeting where the client and I view their return and support live in a meeting and alter the return live based on our conversations. This tends to be far more productive than a face to face meeting in most cases because we can both see and interact with the final product from our own respective computers.
How do I send my information to you?

Most of our clients will fax, or scan information to us or upload their information to our secure portal from our website.