FAQ –Tax Disputes

Do you work with clients who have less than a $10,000 tax debt?

Yes we do. There is a specific reason for this. We look to retain you for a long term relationship not just the up front retainer often demanded by tax resolution companies.

Do you take a large retainer?

We meet with you first to determine if we can even help you. We get a rough idea of what your callenges are and what the best course of action should be. Once that is determined we do take a retainer. Often our retainer is a fraction of what other tax resolution firms charge.

Can I settle for pennies on the dollar?

It is possible to settle for a fraction of what is owed. However, the dirty truth of this business is that the IRS carefully measures your net worth and your ability to pay. Those who have no net worth and limited ability to pay can in fact settle for less than owed. For those with decent jobs, retirement plans, or other assets, the IRS expects you to sell, or change your lifestyle to accommodate their living standards to pay the tax due. Often firms will make promises of a settlement only to spend a year with proposed workouts that end in an installment plan.